We Belong Dead Issue 11 is Out Now!

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"Welcome to issue 11 of WBD. Typical isn’t it? No issues for 15 years then 3 come along in quick succession! We certainly seem to have captured people’s imaginations and I want to say a HUGE thankyou to each and everyone who has bought a copy and continues to support us. A few people have asked about subscriptions. I don’t feel able to offer that at the moment as our publishing schedule is a little irregular, basically the mag comes out as and when I have time. But with 3 issues in 5 months I have to say things are looking pretty good. But we still need you to spread the word!" Eric.


* Confessions of a Hammer Lover by Matt Gemmell
* Caroline Munro in conversation with Eric McNaughton
* ITC Horrors by George White, Polanski’s Macbeth by Chris O’Loughlin
* Madeline Smith interview by Richard Gladman
* Sinful Allure of the Mexican Vampire by J M Cozolli
* Exorcist II by Matt Gemmell
* London Horror Locations by Cleaver Patterson
* An Interview with Ray Harryhausen by Tony Earnshaw
* The Karnstein Trilogy by Dawn Dabell
and much much more...

Dead Good Publishing Ltd are very proud to bring you the latest edition of the magazine with 80 packed pages of classic horror for your PC/Mac/iOS or Tablet Device!