The We Belong Dead Fearbook Anthology is Out Now!

Format: Universal PDF

Size of File: 143mb

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iPad/iPod/iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire
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"I am delighted to welcome all you fans of the classic age of horror to this first ever We Belong Dead Fearbook! Since its return from the dead in March 2013, after an absence of some 16 years, WBD has proved very popular with fans. Many were with us during our original incarnation between 1993 and 1997, but for most people issue 9 was their first encounter with the mag. As a result I get a lot of requests for those first, long out of print issues. And this is where the idea of a Fearbook comes in! What you have here is a collection of some of the best articles from those original 8 issues." Eric.

The We Belong Dead Fearbook was a best seller at the Hammer and Horror Day in London and is now available in DIGITALLY in FULL COLOUR for the very first time.

120 pages covering the best from the early years of We Belong Dead. A real collectors item in print, and here is your chance to find out why on your PC/Mac/iOS or Tablet Device!