We Belong Dead 14 - The Digital Experience is OUT NOW!

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Greetings monster fans! And welcome to issue 14 a 100 page special packed full of ghoulish delights. I decided to expand the page count this time round as I had so many articles pushed out of previous issues. But guess what? Even with 20 extra pages I still had to leave out stuff! And this time, for the first time, we venture into the world of the Interactive. If you haven't seen one of the films in the feature, where possible we have a clickable link for you to see either the WHOLE movie of it's trailer!!! So even if you have the magazine in print, you can now re-experience it in full blown interactive spectacle!


* The Fog by Ernie Magnotta

* Scream & Scream Again by John L. Probert
* Pit & the Pendulum by Steven West
* Vampira by Darrell Buxton
* Harmonisation of Horror by Anthony Caranci
* Has the Horror Film Finally Died?
* Veronica Carlson Interview
* 40 Jaws by Jonathon Dabell
* From Beyond the Grave by Peter Benassi
* The Birds by Richard Gladman
* Road to Castle Frankenstein by Matthew E. Banks
* Dracula Has Risen From the Grave by Dawn Dabell
and much more...

Dead Good Publishing Ltd are very proud to bring you the latest edition of the magazine with 100 packed pages of classic horror for your PC/Mac/iOS or Tablet Device in beautiful full colour!

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